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Creality CR 10 MAX


Creality 3D CR 10 Max Desktop 3D Printer DIY Kit Large Printing Size 450 * 450 * 470mm Support Auto Leveling Resume Print with Touch-Screen Heat Bed


About this item

  • Golden triangle to reduce errors due to the vibration of Z axis during printing, more stable structure.
  • Support automatic leveling, comprehensive measurement point, precise induction and dynamic leveling compensation.
  • CR-10 Max features two models of nozzles to cater to different printing requirements of different users.
  • CR-10 Max has two power supplies for motherboard and hotbed respectively by way of two-way output and split flow to reduce electromagnetic interference to motherboard when the hotbed is powered by single power supply.
  • Blue high temperature resistant Capricorn Teflon tube is not easily being blocked for smooth feeding and printing efficiency; Industrial extrusion structure, double drive for rapid feeding.

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