What is ColorJetPrinting ?

ColorJetPrinting (CJP) is an additive manufacturing technology which involves two major components –core and binder. The core material is spread in thin layers over the build platform with a roller. After each layer is spread, color binder is selectively jetted from inkjet print heads, which causes the core to solidify. The build platform lowers with every subsequent layer which is spread and printed, resulting in a full-color three-dimensional model.


The creation of concept models used in early stages of product development. FDM models reduce costs and shorten development timelines, FDM Technology makes it possible to get the products to market faster

Functional Prototypes

The creation of functional prototypes for testing purposes. These prototypes allow to test in real world environments and make decisions that have a dramatic effect on the cost to manufacture to the produc


Fabrication of end-use parts. Without the expense and lead time of traditional tooling or machining, FDM produces end-use parts tough enough for integration into the final product. Ideal for building small quantities of parts while waiting for tooling

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